YPrince - Only Shito

Edokpayi Prince Eguagie (born in Lagos), known professionally as YPrince aka ÒmóAnò, is a Nigerian-based Nigerian singer, songwriter, and a performing artist. YPrince has collaborated with some famous names in the music industry, he his also a Producer, he said openly that he is still single to the music industry, record deals is allowed,sponsorship and shows are allowed, self management contact
08037140315,08179740694,0811449365308297 YPrince is now on Another One titled ONLY SHITO
YPRINCE‘s “ONLY SHITO (Shito)” is an Afrobeat sound currently soaring on the charts across Africa; mostly in Ghana and Nigeria produced by #Efiko mixed and mastered by OMoAno Written by YPrince.
Only shito is also a story of a ghanian girl who charmed a #iPrince in Nigeria with Ghana pepper soup named Shito