2Baba – Only Me

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It’s another Thursday and we decided to throw it back to the Living legend’s track.

This song comes with its strong sociopolitical message and truth be told, it should’ve been made a national anthem for Nigerians to remind them to be more conscious of others than just themselves.

The song Only Me is a man’s thought of the possibility of a world that has just him and therein he assess the pros and cons of this possibility and the result is eye-opening, showing us that when you think this way, the consequence(s) your actions will birth might affect the next person you were too self-absorbed to consider.

This is actually a mentality most politicians have where they act like Nigeria is theirs and make decisions that benefit just then but puts the other person at a disadvantage.

“If to say” is a possibility term that we use as Nigerians and even some part of Africa but the song while showing us these possibilities, brought us to the reality in the chorus where he tells people with power and money that all they have won’t be there’s alone forever.

A time will come and people will either share their throne or take it away from you hence while you have it, you should be more considerate of other humans despite their present state and that’s all 2Baba is asking in this song, that people should be more community conscious than individual conscious because according to 2Baba, individuality and secret society na im break us all.